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Friday 26th January


18:00 pm - Dinner
Isn't it a wonderful way to start the retreat by breaking the bread together? The food at MiraSierra is a healthy combination of nurturing vegan, vegetarian, and seafood food. Most dishes are prepared with local products and made with love by the MiraSierra team. One reason we chose MiraSierra for our retreat is the cosy, large wooden dinner table in the dining hall.


19:30 pm - Opening Ceremony
Why not celebrate the beginning of our journey together? We introduce ourselves and the program of our three day retreat at MiraSierra. Maita will guide a spiritual session to enter the world of ourselves and our dome. 


20:00 pm - Sound Healing Session
Have you ever felt the vibrations of sound in your body? Sound healing is an ancient wisdom to heal a person on cellular level. The Tibetan singing bowls send out vibrations and frequencies to each of your chakras. Besides a deep relaxation, Areena aims to balance your energy flow throughout your body. 

Saturday 27th January


09:00 am - Hatha Yoga
What if you start your day with nurturing and stretching movements? This morning yoga class might strengthen your body, open your heart and relax your mind. Maïta guides her yoga class with a passion for alignment and mindfulness. A beneficial way to start your day at The Harmony Retreat. Also for beginners. 


11:00 am - The Inner Inventory Class
When was the last time you took a moment to reflect on yourself? In this two hour-session Maïta will guide you to work individually to clarify and define where you stand in life. Without judgement, you will learn how to re-connect with yourself on the level of your five dimensions; physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and energetically.


12:00 pm - Your Inner Inventory Time
Do you want to find out the reasons why you do certain things? By writing down your thoughts and emotions, this exercise will show you your general status quo.
Maïta sees this introspective exercise as the backbone of her retreats.



14:00 pm -  Shadow Work

Did you know shadow work at heart it's about developing self-awareness and ultimately, self-acceptance and compassion? Areena will help guide you safely to face your shadows. Full moon is a time for releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you. It is also a great time to do shadow work as a lot of emotions that were suppressed and hidden will now rise to the surface to be released. You can move on to the next phase of life with more clarity. 


17:00 pm - The Eight Magical E's Workshop
Have you ever experienced the benefits of 
lifting up your heart energy? In this introspective and interactive session Maita hands you tools to connect to your feelings. Explore the magic of the Eight Magical E's. 

Image by Cailin Grant-Jansen

19:30 pm - Full Moon Bonfire Ceremony
Did you know that nature improves your state of being? Nature and fire stimulate certain elements and sensations in a person. Full moon is a time for release, letting go of all that is holding you back and does not serve you anymore. Fire is the quickest element to destroy anything. Areena will guide you through a ceremony of burning your negative and positive intentions followed by celebrations with heart opening cacao ceremony to bring in new positive energies to your life. 

Sunday 28th January


09:00 am - Morning Yoga 

Deep stretches and strong positions to start the day will enhance the bloodstream throughout your body. This morning Yoga focuses on the fascia and on the muscles. Maita loves integrating mindfulness into her yoga sessions.  


10:00 am - Breakfast and Noble Silence
Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of silence at a Vipassana Centre? This morning we will practice 'noble silence' until lunch time. This means having a morning where we refrain ourselves from speaking with each other. This is a chance to feel into your senses, to explore within yourself, and enjoy the surroundings in calmness


11:00 am - Intuition Workshop
Do you ever feel as if you don't know which path to take, which decision to make, or what you really want in life? Do you have a hard time differentiating between your intuition, or if you are making things up in your head? In this 2 hours workshop, Areena will guide you through different techniques to trust your intuition. 


12:00 am - Continuation of Intuition Workshop
Areena will guide you through some intuition self help practices. She will explain the partnerwork, for you to practice on each other.
Bring your own tarot/oracle cards, if you have


13:00 pm - End of Noble Silence & Lunch
The last meal? Daily lunchtime is at 13:00 pm,  yet on Sunday you'll end your noble silence right before eating. This allowes you to enjoy your calming morning even more. We gather one last time at our dining table, all together celebrating a last meal before returning into the real world. 


14:00 pm - Speaking from the Heart
How do you see yourself versus how do others see you? Before we end our three day retreat you will envelop your personal messages with the other participants. You might receive insights and/or mentality shifts along this exercise.  


15:00 pm - Closing Ceremony & Goodbye Group Picture
Why do all beautiful things have an end? Also The Harmony Retreat. We share a closure round together in style, with gratefulness to your co-participants, and with a spiritual note.
This picture is from the last group of participants of The Harmony Retreat.
he pictures shown on this website are from the former Harmony Retreat at MiraSierra. 


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